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Recipes in Books

  • ‘Salmon Fish Curry’, ‘Fish Stuffed Cabbage Roll’, ‘Whole Sea Bass (Koral) with Pineapple and Bell Pepper’ in Lobbi Rahamn and Pauline D’Rozario (eds), Fish N Spice: Lobbi Rahman’s Cooking Foundation (Muktodhara, New York, 2022) in at pages 38, 132, and 142
  • ‘Mango Jelly Delight’ in Lobbi Rahman (ed), Rosna Shoilee: Lobbi Rahman’s Cooking Foundationer Horek Rokom Recipe (Muktodhara, 2021), at page 111 [In Bengali]
  • ‘Chicken Chap’ in Hasina Anser (ed), Oitihyabahi Ranna: Sera Eksho Recipe (Nahar Cooking World, 2021), at page 16 [In Bengali]